Radioaficionados famosos

Esta es una lista incompleta de gente famosa en su profesión que también disfrutan o disfrutaron de la radioafición:
(This is the incomplete list of famous people who also enjoy/ed amateur radio).

Muchos de esta lista de famosos ya fallecieron (SK). Y en algunos países su señal distintiva fue re-asignada a nuevos radioaficionados.
(Many on this list of famous radio hams have become silent keys (died). In some countries, callsigns which have lapsed or belonged to hams who are SK, are re-issued).

Artes y espectáculos (Arts and entertainment):

G2DQU Lord Rix (formerly Sir Brian), former actor and charity head (SK).
G3YLA Jim Bacon OBE, weatherman.
K0HWY Tex Beneke, band leader (SK).
K1ADJ Peter Guber – Possibly Hollywood’s most successful and powerful producer and executive.
K2ORS Jean Shepard, author/ was an American honky-tonk singer-songwriter who pioneered for women in country music (SK).
K4LIB Arthur Godfrey, TV performer (SK).
K6DUE Roy Neal, television reporter (SK).
KB2GSD Walter Cronkite, newsman (SK).
KD4WUJ Patty Loveless, Country singer.
KE6PZH Marlon Brando – Prolific film star involved in apprx. 45 films. Civil rights activist. French Polynesian callsign FO5GJ (SK).
KG7JF Jeff Duntemann, author – science fiction and fantasy.
LU1AZ, José Iglesias Sanchez nicknamed El Zorro – Comedian (SK).
LU4BZ, Enrique Delfino – Tango composer (SK).
N4KET David French, CNN newsman.
N6FUP Stu Cook[s], Bass guitar player in American rock band, Creedence Clearwater Revival.
N6KGB Stewart Granger (born James Stewart), actor (SK).
N6YOS, Priscila Presley, actress ( widow of Elvis Presley).
NK7U Joe Rudi, baseball player.
VU2AMY Amitabh Bachchan – Indian film actor, film producer, television host.
W6UK Alvino Rey – Musician, reportedly invented / pioneered the electric guitar (SK).
WB6ACU Joseph F. Walsh, Eagles guitarrist.
W9FOG  Ellie Arroway in the movie Contact.
W4CGP Chet Atkins, guitar player (SK).
WB4KCG Ronnie Milsap, singer.
WB6ACU Joe Walsh, singer.
WB6RER Andy Devine, actor (SK).
XE1GBB, Mexican singer.

Empresarios (Business people):

A61AJ Ali Abdullah Al Futtaim – Industrialist Al Futtaim Group, Dubai Telephones and Telegraphs for Oman.
I1JGM, Giovani Geloso, argentinian founder of Geloso Company, producer of several electronics products in early XX century (SK).
JA1MP, Sako Hasegawa, Founder, Chairman of the Board Yaesu Musen Co., Ltd, Tokyo, Japan (SK).
K1OKI Mickey Schulhof, former head of Sony US.
K2HEP John Sculley, former CEO of Pepsi and former CEO of Apple.
K5FLU Martin F. Jue – President of MFJ Enterprises, Inc.
KG6FZX Dennis Tito, Earth’s first space tourist also a multi-millionaire.
N9JA, Ray Novak, Senior Sales Manager/Division Manager of Amateur products, Icom America INC.
VK2DIK Dick Smith, entrepreneur & millionaire.
W0CXX, Arthur Collins. Founder of Rockwell Collins, Inc. (SK).
WA6BND, Steve Wozniak,  Co-founder of Apple Inc.
W6DOE Clarence Leonidas Fender (Leo Fender) – founder of Fender electric guitars and prolific inventor & designer of instruments (SK).
W6JKV James Treybig, CEO of Tandem Computers.
W7DUK Nolan Bushnell, Inventor, Computer Pioneer and Founded Atari INC.
W9DRV David Packard – Co-Founder of Hewlett-Packard (SK)

Politicos y realeza (Politicians and royals):

9K2CS Prince Yousef Al-Sabah.
9M1 King of Malaysia.
9M2TR Prince Tunku A. Rahman – Prince of Johor, Malaysia.
A5B HRH Prince Dasho Jigyel Ugyen Wangchuck, Bhutan.
A41AA Qaboos Bin Said Al-Said, Sultan of Oman (SK).
A71AP Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani – Emir of Qatar.
A92AK Sheikh Hamed Bin Isa Al Khalifa – Emir of Bahrain.
A92KK Sheikh Khalifa Bin Sulman Al Khalifa – Royalty, Bahrain.
AC3PT Palden Thondup Namgyal – Former King of Sikkim (SK).
AO01KR Felipe VI,  King of Spain.
CE3GP General Augusto Pinochet – Former President of Chile (SK).
CP1CL Hugo Banzer – Former President of Bolivia (SK).
CN8MH King Hassan II – former King of Morocco (SK).
EA0JC Juan Carlos I, former King of Spain.
EA8AK Dr. Fernando Fernandez Martin – Member of European Parliament.
EP1MP Mohmud Reza Pahlavi – Former Prince of Iran (SK).
G2XM Sir Richard Davies, KCVO, CBE, C.Eng, FIEE – member of The Household of the Duke of Edinburgh (SK).
HS1A Bhumiphol Adulayadej, Former King of Thailand (SK).
HS1D Maha Chakri Sirindhorn – Princess to the throne of Thailand.
HS1YC Khun M.G. Titipan Yukon, Royal Prince of Thailand-(SK).
HZ1FM Faisal Bin Mashaal Al Saoud – Prince, Member of the Saudi Royal Family.
HZ1NA Naief Bin Abdul Aziz – Prince Member of the Saudi Royal family.
HZ1TA Prince Talal bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia.
I0FCG Francesco Cossiga, former President of Italy 1985 – 1992 (SK).
JA5FHB Katsutsugu Sekiya, Japanese Minister for Transport and Communications.
JI1KIT Keizo Obuchi, Prime Minister of Japan (1998-2000).
JK1SIU Norio Ohga, Chairman of SONY (SK).
JP1DPJ, Akio Morita Founder of SONY (SK).
JY1 King Hussein of Jordan (SK).
JY1NH Queen Noor, Queen of Jordan.
JY2HT former Crown Prince Hassan, King Hussein’s brotherChairman of the Royal Jordan Radio Amateur Society.
JY2RZ King Hussein’s cousin Prince Raad.
K2ZCZ George Pataki – Governor of New York (1994) (SK).
K7UGA Senator (US) Barry Goldwater (SK)
LU2DC, Dante Caputo, former Foreign Affairs Minister of Argentina (1983-1989) (SK).
LU1SM Carlos Saul Menem, Former President of Argentina (1989 – 1999) (SK).
LZ1MS Rumen Gechev – Former Deputy Prime Minister Bulgaria.
N4RH Ralph Haller, FCC PRB chief.
OD5LE Emil Lahoud – former President of Lebanon (1998-2007).
SU1VN/P Prince Talal of Saudi Arabia.
VK2KB Sir Allan Fairhall, politician.
VU2HHJ Pince Sawai Bhawani Singh – City Palace, Jaipur, Rajasthan (SK).
VU2KMI K.Malaiswamy – Member of Parliament.
VU2KUN Sampath Kumaran – High Court Judge (Retd).
VU2NG Nandendra G Nanda – former Prime Minister.
VU2NRV N.Ravi – Editor The Hindu Newspaper, Past President Amateur Radio Society of India.
VU2QV Dr.Bhaskar Balakrishnan – Indian Ambassador for Cuba Ex Call Sign – 9J2 QV (Zambia).
VU2RG Rajiv Gandhi, Prime Minister of India (SK)
VU2SJS Dr. Sanjay Sinh – Member of Parliament Social Worker & Agriculturist.
VU2SON Sonia Gandhi, wife of VU2RG.
VU3VIP Krishna Moorthy – Member of Parliament.
VU3VRV Venkatachalam – Chancellor of Sri Ramachandra University.
W3ACE Armin Meyer, Former US Ambassador to Japan 1969-1972 (SK).
WA6IOG Vern Orr – former Secretary of the USAF at The Pentagon (SK).
YU1YU Ivica Dacic – former Prime Minister of Serbia (2012-2014).
ZK1AN Sir Thomas Davis – former Premier of The Cook Islands (SK).

Ciencia (Science):

2CVJ Robert Hart – First person in USA to receive a transatlantic TV image (England to NY) transmitted by John Logie Baird in 1928.
2MT Guglielmo Marconi, Italian inventor and electrical engineer, known for his creation of a practical radio wave-based wireless telegraph system (SK).
7L2NJY Dr Mamoru Mohri, Japanese astronaut.
G3PLX Peter Martinez – Co- Inventor of the PSK31 digital transmission system.
G3TZH Ann Dolby, Tony Dolby his brother in law invented Dolby Noise Reduction System.
G4RK Capt. George Thomas Smith-Clarke – Designed the pediatric iron lung also motor scooter, 9-cylinder Alvis Leonides radial engine, front wheel drive (SK).
G5RV Louie Varney – Antenna Designer (SK) ~ G5RV is now Mid – Sussex Amateur Radio Society callsign.
G5VF Professor Sir Maurice Wilkes (SK) ~ Worked with R Watson-Watt and JD Cockroft on the development of radar. Designed U boat & aircraft tracking systems.
GB1MIR Helen Sharman, astronaut – First British woman into space.
K1JT Joseph H.Taylor Jr., Physics Nobel Laureate 1993 and developer of WSJT / JTDX software.
K7TA Clifford Stoll, author & scientist.
KB6LQR Jeana Yeager, Voyager ’86 pilot.
KB6LQS Dick Rutan, Voyager ’86 pilot.
KB6OLJ Paul J Cohen, mathematician (SK).
K9EID Bob Heil – Legendary sound engineer to such The Eagles & The Who, Head of Heil Sound.
N5YYV Kathy Sullivan, Chief Scientist NOAA (former astronaut).
ON1AFD Count Dirk Frimout, Belgian astronaut.
RK3DUO Col. Yuri Ivanovich Onufriyenko, Russian cosmonaut. Mir and ISS missions.
U2MIR/UV3AM Musa Manarov, astronaut.
UA1LO Yuri Gagarin, astronaut (SK).
W0ORE Tony England, astronaut.
W1AW Hiram Percy Maxim – Prolific Inventor & most famous for inventing the firearms silencer & machine gun. Founded the American Radio relay League (SK).
W1GBE Percy L. Spencer, Inventor of the Microwave Oven (SK).
W2QBO Wilson Greatbatch – Inventor of the cardiac pacemaker.
W5CY Howard Hughes – Billionaire, Inventor, aviator, aircraft designer (SK).
W5LFL Owen Garriot, astronaut (SK).
W6YX Oswald Garrison – was the first to use the SSB mode for an amateur QSO with W0TQK in 1947.
W8JK John Kraus, Astronormer and developer of the wisdom antenna (SK).
WA4SIR Ron Parise, astronaut (SK).
XE1GC, Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena, first TV transmission in Mexico.

Otros (Others):

9N1MM Father Marshall Moran, missionary (SK).
GM3ITN Les Hamilton – He first alerted England of Argentine invasion of the Falklands 1982.
K4ZVZ Paul W. Tibbets, War Hero – Pilot of Enola Gay (SK).
K9QVL Robert Hannsen, Convicted Russian Spy (Ham license revoked).
S21A,  founder President of BARL (Bangladesh Amateur Radio League).
SP3RN, Maximiliam Kolbe, Polish Catholic priest and Conventual Franciscan (SK).
SV2ASP/A Monk Apollo, Docheiariou Monastery at Mount Athos Greece (SK).
TJ1BC Cardinal Paul-Emile Leger, Missionnary at Hyaounday, Cameroon.
W2TQ Joel Miller, IEEE lawyer.
W6EZV General Curtis LeMay (SK).
W6FZZ Samuel F.B. Morse III (SK).
W6QYI Roger Mahony – Cardinal in Los Angeles, CA.
W6ZH Herbert Hoover Jr (son of ARRL Pres, grandson of US Pres).

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